SYS-STEM Methodology

The Arduino SYS-STEM for Schools Methodology will be a package of specific materials and projects for students aged 14-18 in arduino.

The package will open with a presentation on the current and future professional possibilities offered by STEM and electronics and an introduction to arduino that will motivate and enthuse students at Secondary school level to engage with electronics.

The main section of the Methodology will comprise an attractive, ready to use package for Technology teachers of 14-18 yr olds that includes a structured step by step programme in electronics and programming development using arduin.

Each topic area for development in the method will include all the necessary didactic planning tools, guidelines and materials: learning outcomes that will be achieved, complete sets of materials and examples, sample exercises in arduino for students and solutions, links to the SYS-STEM ARdLAB hub for reserving an ArdLAB time slot and implementing programming and prototyping (the links will include clear visual instructions on how to access, log on and record an arduino project), further project ideas and guidelines on how best to deliver the materials for either 14-16 or 16 18 age groups, or different competence levels and support students.

The impact of the methodology will grow in the post pilot and project phase when the fully tested and revised materials become available. The project partner trained SYS-STEM staff will continue to give training courses in the Methodology and promote the Method, meaning that schools/centres/staff and 14-18 yr old students over Europe can benefit.

The well rounded focus of the Methodology means
that any school can access high quality electronics teaching and an ArdLAB regardless of their resources.

The ArdLAB methodology is completely transferrable as it will be available in pdf/digital format for downloading via the SYS-STEM project website. Any interested user can access the materials (units of learning) and use the elements that are of relevance.