ArdLAB Hub

The SYS-STEM project partners have created 4 remote Arduino Laboratories (ArdLABs) not only for their students but for students from anywhere in the world. These laboratories allow remote access and a variety of STEM experiments without the need of having Arduino equipment available. Schools, Teachers and Students are invited to join-in and use these ArdLABs through the ArdLAB Hub.

ArdLAB hub is an online application that centralises and organises the reservations of time slots for connected ArdLABs (Arduino Laboratories). To access its features a user simply needs to register. Through an easily accessible interface, users can choose their desired day & time for use of a remote ArdLAB.

The automised platform checks the available ArdLABs for that date/time and presents the labs available. Users merely have to click on “reserve” and connect to that ArdLAB via the hub on the day/time agreed. Should all the SYS-STEM ArdLABs be busy at a particular time, the preceding or next available times will be displayed clearly.

Click on the logo to visit the ArdLAB Hub

ArdLAB Hub is not only designed to be used with the 4 remote Arduino Laboratories developed by the partners. For those schools, universities or organisations wishing to develop their own Arduino Labs and make them available to the world (should they wish to share their facilities with other schools and students), SYS-STEM partners have additionally developed an ArdLAB starter Guide to facilitate the process of development and registration of potential additional remote labs to the ArdLAB HUB.