SYS-STEM is a project carried out by five organizations in four countries, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, and Greece. Its actions and deliverables support secondary schools and teachers in developing and applying ambitious STEM education in order to make STEM more accessible to all.

Project partners have developed SYS-STEM Methodology, designed to intrigue and engage school students at the secondary level, in STEM and electronics. The goal is to guide students to pursue future careers in those fields.

The Methodology includes a complete package of didactical materials in basic electronics and STEM using Arduino. Didactic materials consist of presentations, theory, exercises, simulations, and videos designed for delivery to students of different ages and competence levels.

Users are also invited to test their knowledge and practice STEM experiments through 4 well-equipped remote ArdLABs (Arduino Laboratories), developed by the partners, which can be reserved and connected to via the SYS-STEM ArdLAB Hub. This is an online platform that coordinates and manages reservations and remote connections to the ArdLABs.

ArdLAB Hub is not only designed to be used with the 4 remote Arduino Laboratories developed by the partners. For those schools wishing to develop their own Arduino Labs and make them available to the world (should they wish to share their facilities with other schools and students), SYS-STEM partners have additionally developed an ArdLAB starter Guide to facilitate the process of development and registration of potential additional remote labs to the ArdLAB Hub.