The SYS-STEM ArdLAB hub will be an online application which centralises and organises the reservations of time slots for the project partner (and future participant) ArdLABs.

The SYS-STEM hub will be easily accessible via a click on the partner website or online search and take users to an interface through which they can inform the system of the desired day / time for use of a remote ArdLAB.

The automised platform will check the available ArdLABs for that date/time and present the labs available. The user merely has to click on “reserve” and connect to that ArdLAB via the hub on the day/time agreed. Should all the SYS-STEM ArdLABS be busy at a particular time, the preceding or next available times will be displayed clearly.

Partners will register and update the available time slots for their ArdLAB regularly to avoid conflicts over usage with their own students and be able to inform the system easily (also should their LAB for any reason be temporarily unavailable for maintenance etc.).

The ArdLAB hub is highly innovative in its colaborative focus and use of modern digital technology to
improve access to electronics equipment for schools. It allows school users from anywhere access to
a remote ArdLAB with which to programme and prototype in arduino

The hub as an idea for open source access to and sharing of technology is transferible to other areas
of education such as robotics.